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Unpublished Harper’s Bazaar China Jensen photoshoots

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I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.

For a character to be as fresh and multi-faceted as ever going into a tenth season is extremely uncommon in TV.

This show has a lot of problems, but Dean Winchester is a very rare creation. There are still so many possibilities, endless possibilities, even now. More than ever now.

I’m glad Jensen is so committed to the role and that the show is mining this potential. I hope it’s just the start.

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I am so not okay with Metatron still being alive. I have never wanted a villain to be dead more. Not just for Dean and Kevin and Gadreel, but for everything he’s ever said or done. I hate him with such a burning passion it is literally eating me alive knowing he didn’t get killed in the most brutal way possible. I’m not freaking okay.


I’m honestly more upset over Metatron still being alive than I am over Dean’s death and becoming a demon. All season long Dean had two goals: kill Abaddon & Metatron. He succeeded with one only to fail with the other. You could tell he didn’t care what happened after he killed Metatron, so long as he eliminated the SOB. 

To me, Metatron still breathing air makes Dean’s death meaningless. For all he’s done, all the harm he’s wrought in heaven and on earth he deserved to die.

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The worst day of loving someone is the day that you lose them.

This hurts. Every time Sam has held a dead Dean in his arms. 

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season 9 + face touching

Face touching = Love

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